Akufo-Addo collapsing local car dealership - Minority

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Comment: NPP Doing Very Good Job

2020-07-31 06:57:03
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Akufo-Addo collapsing local car dealership - Minor

You people shouldn't be blinded by NDC style of politics. What NPP is doing better for Ghanaians. It's going to create a lot of jobs for the local Ghanaians. It's not going to be only VW, there will be more coming. The used car dealership or one man car dealership business is not helping the country in any ways. We were before buying this used cars, giving us a lot of problems and it wasn't even cheaper. Now if you compare the price of a new assemble VW to the Price of a used car from a dealer, you will realize that you were wasting our money. Because you can't buy a car and after two months you will get break problem, oil leakage and many more problems. Please minority "MPS" you people should just stand aside and watch what NPP is doing and learn from them.

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Kojo1 on Jul 31, 2020 06:57