Akufo-Addo collapsing local car dealership - Minority

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2020-07-31 10:34:34
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Akufo-Addo collapsing local car dealership - Minor

Its appalling if this is all that politicians have to offer us as Ghanaians. The law is not against the use of second hand vehicles in Ghana. Neither will the law take away the jobs of any person. The new cars will still need to be repaired they will still be involved in accidents and will need mechanics to fix them. What the law is against is the importation of over age cars and accident vehicles that are imported and sold at throat cutting prices. Try importing an accident car into uk us or any or even south africa or any of the North african countries. They want power so they are ready to run down every good initiative. Someone should ask them how much tax rebate they gave the komenda sugar factory. Were importers of sugar not under threat? Or they were not Ghanaians? How much is an accident 2012 corrola repaired and sold in ghana? I am sure if the price of a ghana assembled polo was 200000 ghc they would have cried wolf again and say how many ghanaians can afford it. Lets move on no jobs are threatened all mechanics will continue to operate as more more people will be in tye position to own cars. Mechanical faults, failure and no matter how sad accidents will not cease so they will surely get jobs to do. Away with the petty politics.

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Kwmae on Jul 31, 2020 10:34
Re: Akufo-Addo collapsing local car dealership - M