Akufo-Addo collapsing local car dealership - Minority

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Comment: Political food fight.

2020-07-31 15:07:29
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Re: Akufo-Addo collapsing local car dealership - M

Sadly every issue disintegrate to NPP /NDC food fight. My party does no wrong mantra. We forget that our own party members are mechanics, spare parts and used car dealers who will be adversely affected by this policy. This is what creates apathy and causes governments to lose elections. Do you party sycophants realize that the President was so concerned that he instructed Alan Kyeremanteng to meet with the leaders of the used car industry to find an amicable resolution? This not an NDC issue, but it is political malpractice if it doesn’t exploit it given the number of votes at stake. This not a joking matter, NPP!!

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Kojo on Jul 31, 2020 15:07