Akufo-Addo opens University of Environment and Sustainable Development

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Comment: SD Dombo and C.K Tedam Universities

2020-08-05 23:05:02
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Akufo-Addo opens University of Environment and Sus

It is a pity how well politicians can take others for granted in their quest to win cheap political points without investing a dime on one hand; and massively pumping resources to where their bread is buttered for genuine reasons best known to them. I am amazed at how much has been spent so far in this university that has so many people to be named after but has simply been named UESD. The sheer quantum of resources pumped so far clearly shows a determination to achieve sustainable results without endangering the future naming of the university. I am impressed by the funding arrangements for this new university and wish it were same for all others but it is a pity. Not only do we have S.D. Dombo University for Business and Development Studies or C.K. Tedam University for Applied Sciences named after individuals whose clout and prominence do not go that far and can easily be changed or shall be changed by succeeding governments - we cannot equally see any elaborate funding arrangements for their setup as amply demonstrated by what we've seen for UESD.
This clearly shows that, the move to have these universities up North is more political than sincere moves to transform the tertiary educational landscape of Northern Ghana. The pragmatism demonstrated in UESD is worth replicating for the other new universities, otherwise one conclusion is certain - some Ghanaians are more deserving of sincere injection of resources for their socioeconomic up-liftment than others. We cannot develop this nation on the back of this rather devious and deliberate entrenchment of inequality that has been the stock in trade of our body politic for ages past. We deserve better in respect of sincere leadership.

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Mistic on Aug 5, 23:05
SD Dombo and C.K Tedam Universities