Stop registering foreigners - GUTA to political parties

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Comment: GUTA

2020-08-06 14:58:02
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You are right in pointing out to those nation wreckers, the consequence of encouraging foreigners to get on our electoral roll. When these characters establish a beachead at a corner of the economy, we can be sure that it will be lost forever as was in retail trade before 1970. At one time in Greater Accra, all corner shops and drinking spots were over ninety per cent, owned and operated by foreign nationals. From Sekondi Takoradi to Half Assini in the Western Region, it was total. The danger here is that, we are a small country, our neighbors will overwhelm us with their numbers. We should welcome people to our country to engage in legitimate business so the country will benefit as all other countries do. We have so far managed our country well and has thereby become attractive. Irrespective of how some of us see it. It is the only reason all persons are knocking their heads to come to Ghana. Perhaps, not fully understood by majority of us, Ghana has become the USA, Britain, France, Germany and other well managed western economies, to some desperate persons in the neibourhood. Ghanaians should not belittle our situation but to position themselves to take advantage of the emergence of a new Ghana. We should therefore not encourage
non -Ghanaians to toy with our sovereignty. We must guard our citizenship jealously as did the citizens of the old Roman Empire.

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