New parliaments should not be floodgates for fresh MPs - Majority Leader

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Comment: Biography of kyei Mensah

New suame boy
2020-08-06 07:55:07
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New parliaments should not be floodgates for fresh

Stupid stupid stupid and greedy bastard kyei Mensah Bonsu without a masters degree . You talk foolishly, you a crank shaft seller at suame magazine had hope one day things will be better but see what you are saying.today . Even after going to parliament what did you do , you divorced your seamstress wife and married a nurse from komfo anokye cos your illustrate wife did not fit you and compensated her with a store at Axum. Bloody idiot and trash like you , I get angry when ever I hear your name . What made you changed your name from Lawrence in high school. Foolish man

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New suame boy on Aug 6, 07:55
Biography of kyei Mensah