Horrifying execution of Prince Klaas, the Ghanaian who planned to make Antigua an African state

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Comment: Re: Mfumdisi

Ka Na Wu.
2020-08-08 20:13:09
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Nana Poku

We all know who were the informants to the colonists in the Gold Coast (Ghana). It was definitely not the Ashantis. Surely some of your forefathers were captured with Kwaku and sent to Antigua. With the 'Judas' blood in their veins, they did what they knew best - betraying colleagues for small favours - just as they did to the Ashantis when they (Ashantis) bravely fought against colonialism. Instead of bowing your head in shame for the crimes of your grandfathers which sent their colleagues to their early graves in the hands of the slave traders and colonialists, you are trying to twist the facts. But shame on you; history cannot be changed.

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Ka Na Wu. on Aug 8, 20:13
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