Horrifying execution of Prince Klaas, the Ghanaian who planned to make Antigua an African state

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Comment: Re: Horrifying execution of Prince Klaas, the Ghan

Kaku Kedeba
2020-08-09 21:23:08
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Re: Horrifying execution of Prince Klaas, the Ghan

This 'blacks' this and that, type of statement really is really a weak and nonsensical argument.

I suspect that you yourself are black so do you consider that you are exactly how you have just described all other blacks or are you the one special exception?

The first thing we need to do is to stop making such deprecating remarks about ourselves. No behaviour is inherent amongst any race it is learnt.

This is why we need to learn our history and understand it from sociological, philosophical and anthropological perspectives and get to understand how we got to where we are today, because in days past even just a few hundred years ago our behaviours our world view and most importantly the view of ourselves was far greater than today. Our forefathers were not in awe of the european invaders in fact they thought they were mad, clad in heavy armour in the tropical heat. When one bothers to find out why exactly dressed this way it becomes apparent it is because the europeans were more often than not at war with each other and even fighting over others resources, whilst looking for opportunities outside of their tiny overcrowded and harsh continent.

Imagine that the name Smith or Schimdt in all its various forms was one of the most common surnames in europe and still is. The name is associated with blacksmiths and this job was proliferated because of the massive demand for weapons in europe.

There is no denying we are facing challenges but suggesting it is in our nature is self defeating and is a foundation laid by the enemy to keep us suppressed.

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Re: Horrifying execution of Prince Klaas, the Ghan