Prof Gyampo wades into Elizabeth Ohene’s ‘All knowing CSOs’ jibe

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Comment: CSOs and Prof Gyampo

Yaw Ho
2020-09-03 17:15:07
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Prof Gyampo wades into Elizabeth Ohene’s ‘All

I beg to disagree with your position Prof. You know why? You have joined the wagon yourself. In other jurisdictions think tanks do not rubbish everything governments do like we are witnessing in Ghana. They never
behave as if governments lack critical thinkers A lot of intellectual and professional work by seasoned professionals go into policy formulation and must be acknowledged.

Again these CSOs have lost credibility especially when one comes to think of their predictions which have fallen flat in their face. The voters registration is one example.
Besides they lack objectivity I'm communication. Their arguments are hardly supported by impirical evidence on most issues. Now tell me why would any serious minded intellectual or professional take the serious? Please let us not throw several years of hard work to the dogs in the name of political expediency. Thanks

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Yaw Ho on Sep 3, 17:15