Prof Gyampo wades into Elizabeth Ohene’s ‘All knowing CSOs’ jibe

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Comment: Intellectual Daft Twerps circling Wagons

Dogo Yaro
2020-09-03 17:23:50
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Prof Gyampo wades into Elizabeth Ohene’s ‘All

Un-Educated daft twerps circling the wagon. This is exactly what Auntie Elizabeth Ohene was alluding to? You guys egos can’t take criticism! Pathological narcissistic uneducated fools. Indians citizens are using their education and intellectual capacities to run most major global enterprises like Google, Nokia, Microsoft, Micron Tech, .PepsiCo, Novartis, Infosysis, Tata, just to name a few; and you are wasting our ears with crass idiocy? Where are your informed research that may advance our forward development as Think Tanks and University Dons as done in other jurisdictions ?!You are hypocrites and sophists without substance, only good interested in promoting yourself importance. It’s only in Ghana that somebody like Gyampo can a voice. Other than teaching and pursuing his female students, Gyampo should point to any ground breaking original research he has published to help with our development? Nonsense!

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Dogo Yaro on Sep 3, 17:23
Intellectual Daft Twerps circling Wagons