What is your role in Mills’ death?– Angry Kwamena Duncan queries Mahama

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Comment: Evil Vampires leave Ghana Alone

NDC Nation's Destroyers Criminals
2020-09-10 21:52:15
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What is your role in Mills’ death ?– Angry Kwa

From this platform l can say that most of Ghanaians are stupid that's why the useless party like NDC is a strong p opposition arty, .Our second problem is a lawless country where by most HARDENED CRIMINALS ARE TREATED AS HEROES WITH GREAT RESPECT. In a law enforcement country murderers like MR AIRBUS PAPA NO , RAWSHIT OFOSU AMPOFO, STAN DOGBE AND MOST OF NDC EVIL VAMPIRES WILL BE SPENDING THE REST OF THEIR LIVES IN JAIL. The most painful part is that we have decapitated fools who defending such evil criminals but they must rest assured that one day JUSTICE WILL BE FINALLY SERVED

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NDC Nation's Destroyers Criminals on Sep 10, 2020 21:52
Evil Vampires leave Ghana Alone