Agyapa deal could’ve succeeded without ‘family & friends’ – Dr. Spio-Gabrah

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Comment: Rethink The Name

King Lomotey
2020-09-16 04:14:11
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Agyapa deal could’ve succeeded without ‘family

The name Agyapa Royalties is the source of the confusion. Why not Enapa Royalties? Why bring in the royalty, reminding Ghanaians that kingship still holds sway in Ghana. In addition, Agyapa is Akan, overlooking other ethnic groups in the country. We need to go back to the drawing room & rethink the name, after the Agyapa Royalties deal has been explained to the people of Ghana.

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King Lomotey on Sep 16, 2020 04:14
Rethink The Name
HOW DO YOU KNOW? on Sep 16, 2020 09:15