Agyapa deal could’ve succeeded without ‘family & friends’ – Dr. Spio-Gabrah

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Comment: No focus ldr have the time to prosecute

2020-09-16 04:17:43
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No sensible Laser-Like leader or leaders have the time to prosecute rotten animal prostitute past killer president Mahama. Waste of time. He will prosecute himself as time goes by. Who ever thought of Papa no! He should at least say something but has nothing to say because he has his dick in his head. His wife doesn't trust him who else? Free educated cow fuckers - cocoa farmers money down the drain. If your brother is happy with what he achieved believe it or not he would have given a chance to someone else in NDC. Deep down him is a complete fraudster & failure. He has nothing to offer human beings other than below animals like you and followers. No chance GHANA deserves better. If you fools want copy Wisdom you have to be born again. Not this life time

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Faithless on Sep 16, 2020 04:17
No focus ldr have the time to prosecute
HOW DO YOU KNOW? on Sep 16, 2020 09:15