Agyapa deal could’ve succeeded without ‘family & friends’ – Dr. Spio-Gabrah

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Comment: Re: Spio, quiet if nothing to say

2020-09-16 13:37:09
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Spio, quiet if nothing to say

Nonsense, short changed by whose standard and valuation? You think because you own an asset you can just value it any price you want? Most of you don't even understand the deal but just make silly comments depending on which part of the political divide you belong to and in the process muddying the waters. You all behaving like crabs in a bucket. Rather than make constructive criticisms you find all these CSO's who don't even have the full details making all sort of allegations and comments. Everyone wanting to gain recognition and casting all sort of aspersions. When the president and his vice said Ghana we are sitting on money but we are hungry you same people asked him so where is the money, now he is showing you how to make that money without going for a loan that one too you complain. Confused lot.

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Kwam on Sep 16, 2020 13:37
Re: Spio, quiet if nothing to say
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