FLASHBACK: 'Father, don’t let anyone around JM who intends grabbing, see 2020' – Korankye Ankrah prays

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Comment: Okada wahala

The truth
2020-09-16 10:44:09
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FLASHBACK: 'Father, don’t let anyone around JM w

Mahama really did not think through this Okada legalisation promise. I think the NPP set the NDC up. What is the number of Okada riders in the country in relation to Commercial (Trotro, Taxi and buses) drivers and private car drivers? These commercial cars and private cars see the Okada riders as a nuisance due to their reckless riding on our roads, dangerously crisscrossing these cars as well as riding on the slab. This promise would rather lump the commercial and private drivers together, and they would vote massively against this policy and Mahama. Besides, majority of the so-called swing voters who are more discerning, who dominate the private car drivers, do not see this Okada legalisation as developmental in itself. Imagine the hell of driving through a swamp of motorbikes in our various capitals. Mahama just gained less than 30,000 Okada riders and their dependants but made an enemy of over 1 million commercial and private drivers and their dependants. The Dead goat, as always, has been his own worse enemy. Nobody killed Mahama, his demise is self inflicted.

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The truth on Sep 16, 2020 10:44