Election 2020: Defend yourselves If you have to - Kwesi Pratt charges Ghanaians

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Comment: Disgusting

Kaku Kedeba
2020-10-04 05:54:20
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Election 2020: Defend yourselves If you have to -

Disgusting irresponsible comments from Pratt.

No one should have to use violence in order to exercise their right to void.

However if there is such a danger better to avoid the polling station altogether

His statement is a round about way of asking citizens to put their lives on the line for (his) political party.

Only stupid people would risk danger of injury or worse for the thieves & robbers parading as polticians

These people do not care about you if they did then peace would be their agenda.

When will we rid ourselves of these wicked narcissists from both parties?

Be wise Ghanaians !!!

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Kaku Kedeba on Oct 4, 05:54