Don’t become a clearing house – Kofi Bentil cautions Special Prosecutor

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Comment: Kofi Bentil

2020-10-06 13:24:36
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Don’t become a clearing house – Kofi Bentil ca

This Kofi Bentil gets on my nerves. He overestimated himself. I watched him on television and he was pushing a position which had no logic. He thinks he is the most sensible person in Ghana and that anyone who disagrees with him is wrong. That is really stupid. The current position is that if the Special Prosecutor doesn't find anything wrong then the SP has become a clearing house. That's nonsense, then the SP doesn't need to investigate anything and declare that the issue is wrong. Bentil should as well announce his verdict without any investigation. He has the most warped mind I come across. We don't build a country on people who think that if it's not them then it should be nobody. Who is he, which school did he go, what has he achieved in life? Is he better than or more intelligent than everyone of us?

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Me on Oct 6, 13:24