Meet the Ghanaian YouTuber who quit his aeronautical engineering job to tell the African story

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Comment: Aboafunu carcass

Joe Canada
2020-10-27 22:13:23
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He is the type of youth Africa needs to develop our continent. Despite all the shortfalls in the continent, he chose to be patriotic and showcase the positive side of Africa instead of you morons always insulting Africa and the elders. He is not like Avram who sits on social media and barks like a dog and insult people of the continent without any respect for the elderly. He is not like that brown rotted teeth illiterate fool Twene Jonas who thinks America is heaven without asking how America got to where they are and the sacrifices the citizens made to make it a better place for him to come and enjoy. He is not like Moron puffy bofrot face Kevin Taylor who was brought up in a broken home but now sits in America thinking because he is married to a white girl, he is untouchable.That boy will reach a level that none of your family member will ever dream of. WODE MAYA!!!, no size.!!. You can be jealous all you want, but let me tell you, that boy is humble not rude, he is respectful and honest, he is a boy any parent will be proud of not because of his fame but because of his character which many of you Ghanaian youth lack, especially the boys.

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Joe Canada on Oct 27, 2020 22:13
Aboafunu carcass