‘Anonymous’ Nigerian journalist who worked on #SexForGrades attempts suicide

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2020-12-14 18:50:34
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‘Anonymous’ Nigerian journalist who worked on

This is stupid. It's nothing to take yourself about. You are still young and more better opportunities will come your way. I'm a scientist who live the US and work in R&D. Can you believe the number of breakthrough technologies developed by African scientists and people from developing countries who do not get any credit for their work? Non of us commit suicide when it happens but learn from it and build upon our experiences. Do you know the scientists who worked on the Covid-19 vaccine are mostly immigrants from developing countries? Have you ever seen any pictures of them on local or international media platforms? They have not killed themselves so don't think about such things. They will keep happening as you grow in your field of discipline. Please don't kill yourself. Instead, my advise to you is to use the experience you gained from this project and come up with other new and innovative ideas for the next major project of your own with your name on it. Start your own investigative company and build it from the ground up.

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Kwadjoe-USA on Dec 14, 2020 18:50
Re: ‘Anonymous’ Nigerian journalist who worked on