Failed prophecies of 2020

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Comment: The truth will prevail

Yaw Mensah
2020-12-26 17:44:29
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Failed prophecies of 2020

So if Badu Kobi is a failed prophet then who is Owusu bempah? It is rather Prophet Badu Kobi whose prophecy has come out to be true. The reason? Yes NDC won the election hands down . I don't think God in his own wisdom will tell Owusu bempah that NPP will win the election through rigging
That can never ever be true. NPP knows within their minds and hearts that it is a stolen victory which they don't deserve. It is a shame to themselves and to the entire nation. If you decide to stifle truth, it will surely and eventually surface for all to see .

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Yaw Mensah on Dec 26, 2020 17:44