Bring Rawlings's body home - Awadada petitioned

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Comment: Nana Addo's father is buried at Akropong

Kwaku Anim.
2021-01-24 18:41:59
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Bring Rawlings body home - Awadada petitioned

Get your facts straight.
Nana Akuffo Addo's late father who was the ceremonial Head of State under Prof Busia's Premiership and government, is buried at Akropong
Akwapim, but not at Kyebi .
Infact both Nana Addo's late father and late mother are buried in a mausoleum at Akropong Akwapim,
though the mother was an Akyem Abuakwa royal from Kyebi.

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Talkative of Parliament on Jan 24, 2021 18:05
Kwaku Anim. on Jan 24, 2021 18:41
Nana Addo's father is buried at Akropong