Bring Rawlings's body home - Awadada petitioned

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Comment: Bury Rawlings in Anlo.

2021-01-24 22:50:09
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Bring Rawlings body home - Awadada petitioned

Fellow Anlos. Many of you don't know the reason why these people are making so much noise. The fact is that they know who killed Rawlings. They also know that if they allow the Anlos bury Rawlings with full tradition, within 7 days his killers will die. That is why the government and for that matter the npp has paid its social communicators to occupy the media space and make the noise. Don't mind them. Miss Gyaba has taken the lead. Akufo Addo...... ei!! this my vuvuzella mouth oooo.

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Talkative of Parliament on Jan 24, 2021 18:05
Jondo on Jan 24, 2021 22:50
Bury Rawlings in Anlo.