Paul Dogboe ‘upset’ with Isaac Dogboe

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O yes
2021-02-09 19:13:51
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Paul Dogboe ‘upset’ with Isaac Dogboe

I know why Isaac sent the message by text. Sometimes when someone raises you in life....there is a fear that you have for that person, and sometimes it is very difficult to face that person with news that you know they will try to talk you out of and intimidate you and maneuver you...so Isaac did the best thing and that was to make sure the manager relationship was ended. Once that is ended now they can mend the father son relationship. I had to take a hard decision like that and in fact it was not easy. I will advise father and son to forgive each other and mend their family relationship. As for a new trainer it was long overdue. Let your son be his own man....and always show him love.

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