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Comment: Chicken back home 2 roost

S K.
2021-02-18 03:10:54
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Dominic Ayine’s comments about Supreme Court irr

How do the NDC expects to win this case when 7 judges team up with 2 leading counsel for the respondents to attack you and defend each other how do you win? The corn ???? cannot never win a case in the court of fowls/chicken!!
There is an application for interrogatories, it was objected to by 2 leading counsel and rejected by 7 "Honorable" justices that these answers will come during cross-examination. There was application for inspection of document, these were equally objected to by 2 counsel and 7 justices and NDC still expects to file another motion. These justices are sheer afraid of their appointing authority and trying to protect their jobs. The strength of a government in power, NDC also used it in 2012 so Karma is into play and the chicken ???? are back home to roost. ???? ????

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S K. on Feb 18, 2021 03:10