Your efforts at promoting work of journalists abysmal – Manasseh calls out Oppong-Nkrumah

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Comment: This attack uncalled for

Sylvanus Agbemenyah
2021-02-26 19:17:33
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Re: Your efforts at promoting work of journalists

He might be the son of a toilet carrier but he has lots of sense as compared to you whose parents and gold seller but lack basic common sense. The journalist is speaking about things threatening our basic life and you"the sensible person" is here insulting him unwarranted-ly. Is it a crime for a journalist to criticize the government constructively??
Manasseh and his caliber of journalist needs to be supported by us to keep government (s) on their toes. The least we should give them back is insults, please.

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Sylvanus Agbemenyah on Feb 26, 2021 19:17
This attack uncalled for