LGBT+: If they won’t give us loan, we’ll eat our yam and kenkey – Sam George

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Comment: Lght is extension of white supremacy.

2021-02-28 01:00:44
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LGBT+: If they won’t give us loan, we’ll eat o

Abuasua, note LGBT is an extension of white supremacy. They have blacks under lock-step as far as black and white economic struggle is concerned. They want to keep us improverished and under their thump, so black issues have been replaced with lgbt. Do not fall for that crap. Lgbt speaks to white issues and speak for whites. Ghana arise and defend the Ghanaian culture and value system. They 78 year old man is a willing tool for the neo-colonialist agenda to reconquest Africa and Ghana in particular. Be prepared for 2024 to replace the NPP administration with any other party. Are the socalled gender confused infinitismal Ghanaians who must been sexually abused and turned mental better placed than the rest of good Ghanaians? Do sex confused minority owned any rights than the rest of Ghanaians? The answer is a big no. Lgbt is a mental disorder in denial. They need pyscological help and not medication.

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SGT ÆßØÐ-007 on Feb 27, 2021 08:02
Igp on Feb 28, 2021 01:00
Lght is extension of white supremacy.