Airport staff to strike again March 15 if concerns are not addressed

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Comment: It’s About Time!!

2021-02-27 11:24:52
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Airport staff to strike again March 15 if concerns

Some bloody civilians aligned to a particular party have resorted to sabotaging this government knowing the court won’t help them. The airport is an international ground and cannot be left in the hands of these barbarians! The Interior minister in collaboration with the transport and employment ministers must release loyal security officers to fill in anytime such situations occur. More NABCOs must be deployed as soon as GNAT and others start to mess the country up. After all, preparatory school teachers are 80% unprofessional teachers but their students get the best grades and best schools in Ghana!! Now for the sake of SABOTEURS, I think all union leaders of public institutions must be partisan so leaders can be changed as MMDCEs.

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