Today in History: ‘US doesn't cane children but been to the moon, we've caned ours for 60 years yet achieved nothing' - Adutwum

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Comment: Short in mind

Enoch Koranteng
2021-03-03 07:35:43
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Today in History: ‘US doesn't cane children but

Nonsense talk. If indeed you deserve to be a minister for this ministry, you could have known better. Who told you it was the absence of caning that got them to the moon? You are as illiterate as the unborn child. Loose talks and brag. That's all you guys know to do. Go back to the States and check their classrooms. Go and check their learning environments. Go and check enumerationa given to the teachers to help them acquire the needed and right TLMS for lessons delivery. Go and check the structure of their curriculum. You are short in mind.

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Enoch Koranteng on Mar 3, 07:35