Akufo-Addo endorses Audit Service board findings on Yaw Domelevo

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Comment: Npp is Tribalistic and Corrupt Party

being hi..agyekumhene Boakye
2021-03-04 02:56:59
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Akufo-Addo endorses Audit Service board findings o

Mr Martin Amidu was right when huge described the president as Queen Serpent of all corruption. We Ghanaians have seen how Akuffo Addo and Npp corruption has spread to all parts of the country including the Supreme Court which has turned to be the worst Supreme Court in the history of Africa. The Supreme Court is politicized to support and defend election criminality in this country.Jean Mensah falsified figures to make APRIL FOOL Akuffo as president who do eat not fit to rule this country. Now Npp know Mr Domelevo coming back is dangerous for the government due to numerous corruption cases that had been hidden in the last four years and for this reason Npp and Akkufo Addo are adopting means to eliminate Domelevo from his position oooooooh Ghana has turned to be bunch of criminals land where justice is denied and manipulation and falsehood are displayed as virtue hahahahahahah Ghana isin the hands of political criminals.

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being hi..agyekumhene Boakye on Mar 4, 02:56
Npp is Tribalistic and Corrupt Party