Akufo-Addo appoints EC’s Sylvia Annoh as Denmark Ambassador

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Comment: Re: Why not ???

2021-03-07 22:11:32
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Why not ???

Kutsii, please try and forget about those marauding bandits who were led by C.J. Animguase-Yeboah. A bunch of criminal, satanic SC judges they are! They are all filthy conspirators!! They are demons who are only blowing dust with their warped, diabolical, and jaundiced rulings. They occupy the seat of God among men, but they have blatantly sworn to act wickedly and to murder justice. They're all murderers! Trust me, Jehovah God himself has reserved His burning wrath for them. They should prepare to meet Him soon, because their punishment will be inescapable! They are criminally using technicalities to cover up that shameless harlot and abominable thief, but the sweet thing is that the whole world has come to see through their dirty deeds. The masses were expecting them to deliver JUSTICE, but they chose the criminal way by using their malnourished law to have their way. They will all finish their earthly lives in misery before getting into the presence of God's throne. It is there they will recall all their devilish things. May their curses and punishment be more abundant than Judas Iscariot's own. Evil men in gowns and wigs…!!!!

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