Is this the NPP’s winning ticket for 2024 elections?

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Nii Okai
2021-03-15 14:45:36
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Is this the NPP’s winning ticket for 2024 electi

Ghanaians in politics are so village minded that they talk and discuss over foolish issuues which depict their actions as village oriented minded people who know little about politics yet they call themselves politicians. If you are intelligent people with the real political consciousness, talking about who ought to or should have read the budget should not have become an issue of talks about Bawumia and Kyerematen.

The simple logical question is what is the essence of a deputy minster in the respective ministries. Why do you Twi speaking people like to do thing in a village way to disgrace Ghana in all areas. Is this not a primitive way of handling affairs? Why are you always greedy to rush for everything in Ghana, and at the end you always never do it good.

You want carry everything in Ghana, then you have a lot of work to do since knowledge, intelligence and understanding and experience are the qualities needed to be used to accomplish better things in a nation. Do not allow greed and lack of awareness cause you to believe that you are the only tribes - Akyem and Ashanti in Ghana.

Ghana has many different tribes who are impatiently watching your greed and the selfishness you exercise in destroying all affairs of the nation including our education as you want to bring Twi into all discussions of national matters. Twi is your language just like other tribes have theirs, but it should be clearer to your minds that our national language is English.

If your foolishness had not deceived you nor had caused you to under rate the value of English in our education, and you do practically understand DEPUTY in English you will realize and understand that the budget should not have been read by Kyei Mensah, the majority leader in parliament if it is done properly and accordingly. What a disgrace and shamefulness in display. No wonder you give your families degrees they do not deserve. Greedy people indeed.

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Nii Okai on Mar 15, 2021 14:45