Is this the NPP’s winning ticket for 2024 elections?

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Comment: Bawumia and Kyeremateng are the same

being hi..agyekumhene Boakye
2021-03-15 18:09:12
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Is this the NPP’s winning ticket for 2024 electi

Bawumia and Kyerematen are the same as Akuffo Addo whose regime has turned Ghana into hardships.Bawumia or kyerematen cannot bring any change of development in Ghana. They are part of Akuffo Addo bunch of corrupted officials. Hahahaha if NPP think this election criminalities where the EC, Vigilante groups and the Supreme Court were used to rig the ELECTION would be repeated again in 2024 then they are JOKING. We Ghanaians would not accept this dubious and fraudulent means of rigging election cannot happen again. Ghanaians in diaspora would send a very strong petition to United Nation about what happened during the 2020 election. We have the shootings of youth at Takyiman and other pooling centres videos to make a case at the United Nation.HAHAHAHAH a thief cannot seal next time.

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Lori Fearless Logic (best commentator on Mar 15, 2021 13:30
being hi..agyekumhene Boakye on Mar 15, 2021 18:09
Bawumia and Kyeremateng are the same