Is this the NPP’s winning ticket for 2024 elections?

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Comment: This is too early. Bawunia lacks courage

2021-03-15 19:07:16
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Is this the NPP’s winning ticket for 2024 electi

We should focus on governance as George Buadu said.
This is not the most important thing at the moment.
Bawumia should stop the lobbying and leave Nana to have the equanimity to fulfil his promise to the people.
I am against Bawumia for suspending the passage of the public universities bill and played into the hands of the opposition.
He did not show courage because it was needed as a policy for the start to galvanize these institutions in terms of governance.
Every school is now doing it's own thing without any proper authority and control. Their excuses were flimsy and lacked public interest. Some are charging exorbitant fees than private universities.
It was funny when parliament was asking for a waiver of fees. Putting the cart before the horse eh.Is this proper.
This, betrays Bawumia as a weakling, lacking courage and foresight for the presidency given the same controversial opposition.
He suould be voted out. He could not even convince muslems in the 2020 elections.

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Lori Fearless Logic (best commentator on Mar 15, 2021 13:30
Jack on Mar 15, 2021 19:07
This is too early. Bawunia lacks courage