LIVESTREAMED: Ministry of Information holds press conference

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2021-03-21 17:57:17
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LIVESTREAMED: Ministry of Information holds press

Most of our MPs are in the parliament to serve their political party and not Ghana. It really sad when you look at their behavior in the parliament on Friday is very disgusting. Some of them were busy talking to one another while others were standing. The speaker of Parliament kept saying order, please resume to your seat they were not paying attention to the speaker why. Parliament is a serious business the whole country is in their hands if they fail to do things right we are all going to suffer is not a joke. If any MP mess about he or she should be kick out that person is not serious and he should never be giving a chance anymore. Every country on this earth is going through difficult economic hardship due to the pandemic the only way out is for us to support the government by paying taxes to boost the economy. Therefore we should accept the budget when the economy comes back to where it's supposed to be ,then the government can reduce taxes to bring a bit of relief to us. Voting against the budget without giving any alternative to the current situation does not make any sense. Yes you can opposed the budget but not giving any alternative to deal with the problem and just criticised it and vote against it is madness. We're serving Ghana and not NDC or NPP is Ghana first. NDC ,NPP will pass away but Ghana will never pass away. Our mPs should think about Ghana first before they take any action next time. Most of our MPs are always thinking about the next election and how they can continue to stay in parliament that's all, instead of them to think about the next generation ,development the future and growth of the country no. It about time we work together to build this country for ourselves just as most developed countries have done. The pandemic has teach us a lesson to be self reliant and not going about begging for food, aid, and loans with higher interest. In fact if you look at the natural resources that Ghana has we should be able to lend some countries money instead of us going for loans if we're serious people after 64 years of independence all we are very good at is to create loot and share whiles our country becomes poorer with no respect for our self's in the outside world. Corruption is the order of the day we're all sick mentally we need to change our mind set to do things right to bring development, jobs , and growth to our country and gain the respect we need from the outside world.

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Yaw on Mar 21, 2021 17:57
Re: LIVESTREAMED: Ministry of Information holds pr