Kasoa murder: 'Our hands are tied' - NMC replies critics over influx of spiritualists on TV

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Comment: Stupid man Nmc

Vgma is corrupt
2021-04-08 03:42:14
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Kasoa murder: 'Our hands are tied' - NMC replies c

This man is plainly stupid..God forgive me tough..but he lacks sense at all levels.if this fool is my father- of which it cannot happen.. I will block his number and warn him not to ever call me again..the most senseless statement I have heard ever in my life since I was born..Oh no wonder Ghana is struggling with all these people in position...And I saw a lawyer attached to his name..damnnn for real..law school in Ghana can be this cheap.?..the whole country is mourning and is this what u can say..damnnn it..u should have just be mute because this ur statement" ur hands are tied makes u nothing but looks like a fool..Damnnn it..this man has made me so angry..As a lawyer, can't u go for the appeal of the law than to say such a senseless thing..In any serious country..u will be forced to resign..ur statement is so heartless and senseless

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Vgma is corrupt on Apr 8, 03:42