We must question how under 40 politicians got Cantonments, Airport, East Legon mansions

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Comment: Corrupted society.

2021-04-08 05:08:53
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We must question how under 40 politicians got Cant

Good observation Mr. Braimah, but you stopped short of saying the whole Ghanaian society is corrupted. Take it to the trotro mate hiding some money from the driver, some drivers shorting the owners, some politicians pocketing monies meant for govt projects, others getting double salaries, some civil servants doing same or worse, and most of them go scot-free even when caught. Weak leaderships in governance and management because some of them are involved and can not punish culprits accordingly. Galamsey, ports, environment, roads, hospitals schools and almost all aspects of the Ghanaian society are corrupted.
Change of mindset is needed. My submission, what is yours..

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Odasanibi on Apr 8, 05:08
Corrupted society.