We must question how under 40 politicians got Cantonments, Airport, East Legon mansions

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Comment: The buck stops with Akuffo Addo

Nana Kufuor, Abeka. La Paz
2021-04-08 06:44:55
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Who will do it?

Most of the comments by certain Ghanaians and civil society organisations are going overboard. They spread the blame all over the place and in the end we cannot find the culprits. I lay the blame squarely at the feet of Akuffo Addo and the other politicians. We pay them to run the country but all they are interested is enriching themselves. Akuffo Addo is a lawyer and he is expected to enforce the laws. Shamefully, he has manipulated every institution in the country. You can't take your case to court and get a fair hearing, our police have all become political police, for jobs it is who you know. Nothing is working in Ghana. Those who are living comfortably are corrupt people and liars. Akuffo Addo is one of them. Please stop dancing around the issues. The buck stops with Akuffo Addo, the brown envelope collector.

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Nana Kufuor, Abeka. La Paz on Apr 8, 06:44
The buck stops with Akuffo Addo