Nudity: 'Slay queens' copying blindly from the West – Foh Amoaning

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Comment: Hogwash KK Mensah

African Boy
2021-04-19 14:56:28
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Re: Nudity: 'Slay queens' copying blindly from the

Of course, we may not have documented the preference of our values however, we have in our culture that is quite well understood and frowned upon when displayed. I have lived in the West perhaps more than you and as an African, their values are not to my taste. Some of you Africans do not appreciate your Africanness and submit to foolishness from the West. I am sorry but no matter your intelligence you are never accepted by the white man as equal, so get this your claim of "absurd fiction" and smell the coffee.

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African Boy on Apr 19, 2021 14:56