Nudity: 'Slay queens' copying blindly from the West – Foh Amoaning

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Comment: Freedom of Self expression

Kojo Bonsu
2021-04-19 15:27:41
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Nudity: 'Slay queens' copying blindly from the Wes

Mr Foah Amoaning please stay off social media platforms. Don't feast your eyes at night and claim holier than thou daytime. Payin boni. I'm damn sure you have been watching worse pictures and vids on social media platforms than you want the public to know. This is the problem in Ghana Hypocrites. Freedom of artistic expression is no harm nor criminal. I'm sure even the statues in some European countries are offensive to your acquired sensibilities. In some African cultures Albino is considered abominable. Automatic sacrifice to appease the gods. Diversity in opinion and harmless self expression creates enlightenment in society.

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Kojo Bonsu on Apr 19, 2021 15:27