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Comment: Force every Ghanaian to get NIC

2021-05-01 05:52:22
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We saved Ghana over $90million in 2020 Election -

Every Ghanaian must have a Ghana card by now. Akofo Ado is too lazy and slow. Why is it taken so long to let the people have them? Everyone in Ghana must have a unique number. These numbers will identify individual citizens for data purposes. The government must make sure every Ghanaian has a national ID card NOW. Stop talking and do something Bawumia. You talk too much and do nothing. Every Ghanaian must have a unique number by now. The government should force every citizen to get a national ID card now. Nana Ado and Bawumia are lazy and slow. Many years ago Kuffour started NIC. Many Ghanaians still don't have these cards. The government must force citizens to get them. Ghana card is very important for data purposes: 1: It will identify every citizen in the country with unique code numbers 2: citizens who have the right to vote as real citizens of Ghana, gives more information of every citizen in the country. 3: Permanent residents from other countries living in Ghana will have their unique different numbers to identify them 4: Refugees who live in Ghana will have their unique different numbers to identify such group of people in Ghana. 5: The unique number will have information of every person in the country. 6: The NIC will help the government to know the number of males, females, citizens with various different age groups in Ghana. Every city, town, village, cottage will know how many people living in the community including sex groups, age groups, working and non-working groups, what kind of work these people do to survive in the country. Every Ghanaian must be numbered for identification, tracing, and data purposes. Ghana card will help the government to know how many people in the country, figures of total men, women, age groups, total number of people living in particular cities, towns, villages, and cottages. We need a national ID card and Digital Addresses as soon as possible to develop Ghana. Wake up Nana Ado and Bawumia. We need thinkers to rule Ghana. Both NPP and NDC have failed the nation.

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Force every Ghanaian to get NIC