Election 2020: We have saved over US$90 million for Ghana - EC

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Comment: Jean Mensah rigs like a sex machine

Nana Kufuor, Abeka. La Paz
2021-05-01 06:05:40
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The best E.C ever

Ghana is bereft of intelligent people. This EC man must be talking from his anus. How did EC save that amount? You rigged the elections to maintain the brown envelope collector and the wife killer. What has changed? Corruption is increasing, our educational system is in a mess, intimidation and killing are on the increase, companies are collapsingetc.....Akuffo Addo told us five years ago that he would move the Guggisberg economy from taxation to production. As you see TODAY, it is now taxation to more taxation. Jean Mensah is a crook, a criminal and a thief.

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Nana Kufuor, Abeka. La Paz on May 1, 06:05
Jean Mensah rigs like a sex machine