Increase in taxes leading to steep rise in prices of fuel, food - Mahama

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Comment: Reduce prices of cement and iron rods

2021-05-02 01:38:18
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Increase in taxes leading to steep rise in prices

Reduce cement and iron rod prices Nana Ado. You are killing jobs Nana. MOST OF OUR YOUTHS DEPEND ON CONSTRUCTION JOBS. PRICES OF CEMENT AND IRON RODS HAVE DOUBLED WITHIN A YEAR. PEOPLE CAN'T AFFORD TO BUILD A HOUSE. The Government should encourage investors to build more factories to produce cement, and iron rods at CHEAPER PRICE. Encourage many rich to build factories to produce construction materials at THE CHEAPEST PRICES to encourage builders to build more buildings. Due to high cost of construction materials, most BUILDERS have stopped building houses. These talented youths went to school to study architecting, plumbing, mason, welding, steel bending, floor tile designing, carpentry, bricks laying, electrician, painting, and many more. A lot of these skilled youths are home now without jobs. Government must pay attention to these youths otherwise, they may turn to armed robbers. Construction produces more jobs for our youths in Ghana so make sure cement and iron rod prices are dropped down. Many builders have stopped building houses, because of high prices of cement, iron rods, Only few people can afford to build a house right now in Ghana.

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Reduce prices of cement and iron rods