It’s unfortunate Afriyie denied payment for Sputnik V vaccines – Ayisi

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Comment: Bad procurement practice

2021-06-12 01:05:27
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It’s unfortunate Afriyie denied payment for Sput

this is bad procurement practice. GoG should not be buying stuff as if it is a business or commercial entity. In Government contracting, you don't allow the vendor to establish its terms and conditions, the Government should be the one establishing its own clauses, (see model adopted by countries such as USA) if the vendor is not happy they can go, find another one ! Secondly, you (GoG) must establish clauses to protect yourself and also warn prospective vendors on collusion and overpricing, in this way, GoG has the right to ask for refund and even impose penalty against the vendor if it is established that it was short-changed.
Lastly, you just don't make advance payment. Best practice for governments is to make payment upon receipt and acceptance of the goods and supplies at NET30 days for example. If in an event like COVID19 where you justifiable entertain fears of shortage on the market and want to have a guarantee of delivery and would like to make an advance payment, you pay only a reasonable percentage (10-30%) or issue a bank guarantee.

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Nana on Jun 12, 2021 01:05