Ghana hosts third Multi-stakeholder Roundtable on Sustainable Cocoa

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Comment: COCOBOD a shameless institution

2021-06-13 12:45:29
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Ghana hosts third Multi-stakeholder Roundtable on

The COCOBOD management are a collection of classroom educated nincumpoops who are not only ignorant and lacking foresight but wasteful human resource. Ghana has been growing and exporting cocoa since God knows when. From the days of Cocoa Marketing Board till now anyone with common sense would know to ask of parliament to create a COCOBOD bank or financial institution that will help the COCOBOD bank fund any and all things cocoa. Research, cocoa farmer welfare, cocoa purchasing, fertilizer and etc should all be right here in Ghana. You will not succeed with clowns in charge.

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Awerego on Jun 13, 2021 12:45
COCOBOD a shameless institution