Sputnik V saga: ‘The optics look very murky’ – CDD researcher

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Danny, London
2021-06-12 16:53:33
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Sputnik V saga: ‘The optics look very murky’

How can a credible Government be using middlemen to procure Vaccines to its people in this 21st Century?

Should Africans always be making MESS of themselves like NPP Government is doing now? WOW! This is appalling situation for Ghana as a respected country. This is complete DISGRACE INDEED. It is a fact.

Why can a credible Country like Ghana use its Diplomatic Channels to
simply secure purchase of COVID VACCINES from good and ADVANCED countries in the WORLD, instead of going through highly CORRUPT way.
The Ministry of Health Officials are
the CORRUPT PEOPLE who choose to go this way. For their own benefit yes.

This situation has proved that NANA ADDO'S GOVERNMENT is complete CORRUPT pure and simple. How can the Ministry of Health Official even come out if stupidity excuses to justify the Government buying COVID
Vaccine from crook drug dealers from Saudi Arabia. What does Saudis know about Medicines?

The Ministry of Health Official involved in this drug business should NOT be in his position for huge DISGRACE he brought the Government into.

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Danny, London on Jun 12, 2021 16:53