Sputnik V saga: ‘The optics look very murky’ – CDD researcher

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Comment: its a fraud.

2021-06-12 22:42:08
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Sputnik V saga: ‘The optics look very murky’

The Russian Sputnik V vaccine is a single dose jab and does not need a second vaccination. Further, the vaccine has not gone through the second clinical testing stage that is deemed good for humans. Its efficacy and safety according WHO scientists can not be guaranteed. So why is the govt rushing to import them through a third party as if its an acute commondity supply on the black market? People of Ghana, do not fall for the Russian Sputnik V corona vaccine. You take it at our own peril. Let Manu and his family keep it. It smells like sulfur and ammonia compunded.

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Igp on Jun 12, 2021 22:42