Revealed: Actual fee of Majeed Ashimeru’s permanent move to Anderlecht

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Comment: how is this guy on the Ghanaian team

2021-06-19 23:53:49
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Revealed: Actual fee of Majeed Ashimeru’s perman

Ghana just love mediocrity. Why is this guy not in the black stars team.?? Instead you’re calling dead woods like awako gladson and some other low quality local players all in the in the name inclusion and affirmative action. It’s just ridiculous. You want to win a trophy but you’re not even trying to have the best individual quality players on the team. Instead you’re making call ups based on sympathy. How’s a player who plays fir Anderlecht not on the national team but you have local players who can’t even qualify to the caf champions league on the national team

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