FLASHBACK: The British degraded Ghana's monarchy after calling it a 'stool' - Osu Wor-Lumor claims

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2021-06-21 13:11:41
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FLASHBACK: The British degraded Ghana's monarchy a

Stop blaming the colonial masters. It was not their intention to call traditional leaders sitting on a stool to be described as such. The word stool in English means a ‘’backless chair without an arm rest’’, in Akan it's called ''Asesekwa''. In-fact grammatically Asesekwa is a stool, period. When the Whiteman set foot here, they reported what they saw, and wrote what they saw. Let stop raising tension and hatred again them. I for one have never blamed Europe for colonising us, we failed to learn and take advantage of their being here, we are still not learning.

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kk on Jun 21, 2021 13:11