FLASHBACK: The British degraded Ghana's monarchy after calling it a 'stool' - Osu Wor-Lumor claims

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Comment: Reply to KK,you misunderstood the priest

One God
2021-06-21 17:05:25
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KK, you have misunderstood what the priest is saying. Yes, the English definition for stool is what you describe in your comment. Their Kings/Queens sit on a throne - which is a ceremonial chair for a sovereign, bishop, or similar figure. Why didn't they refer to our King's chair also as a throne. How we made our chairs in the 15th century is irrelevant, what's relevant is that our Kings/Queens were also on their thrones just as the European Kings/Queens. They intentionally referred to ours as stools because they were in charge of us. To them, the person on the throne has the authority over everybody on the land they rule, and it was obvious we didn't, hence the reason why they can't say Asantehene's throne or Ga Mantse's throne...etc They had to diminish our Kings/Queen's authority. If you just look at the definition of stool and chair, you will be missing the point. Stool and chair are English words with different meanings. Their Kings/Queens sits on a chair, why didn't they call it, chair. There is a reason why they referred to it as a throne. They didn't give the same respect to our Kings/Queens because they saw themselves as superior. Anyway, think about how the Ashantis referred to the Ga people. Human being throughout history had tried to exert their superiority over others they feel are threatening to them, and they've done it by name-calling such us calling black people the N*** word...etc

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One God on Jun 21, 2021 17:05
Reply to KK,you misunderstood the priest