FLASHBACK: The British degraded Ghana's monarchy after calling it a 'stool' - Osu Wor-Lumor claims

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Comment: You Dig???

Hustle hard
2021-06-21 21:03:26
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Question: Y do blck pips hate each other

Thats a very interesting question you asked my bro ... Its because the when slavery came and the white people was killing us , stealing from us and also trading us as well ..., they brain washed our forefathers and told em among themselves this hate him and this hate him this and that ... before the white people came there wasnt hate among we the blacks but when they came along they poluted our forefathers with hatred and also to kill that was why he brought us gun while they take our golds away ... they left us with problem while they take away the happiness and joy thats why we are still suffering and black is still hating and killing black while the white enjoy the benefit from us

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Hustle hard on Jun 21, 2021 21:03